Grief is a process. If someone else’s negligence resulted in a fatal accident that killed your close family member, it could take years to cope with the ensuing loss. There is no predetermined length of time for how long it should take a parent, spouse, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild to mourn the tragic death of their close relative. 

Unfortunately, in this province, grieving family members whose close relatives were accidentally killed in violent, senseless, preventable circumstances have only one year to pursue legal action against the negligent party whose wrongful conduct resulted in their loved one’s death. If bereaved family members do not take proper action within this short, twelve-month period, they essentially forfeit their only chance to recover compensation for damages they have incurred. And the damages arising from the wrongful death of a close family member can be exorbitant. 

If your loved one was killed in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, no amount of money will be able to truly heal your emotional wounds. However, by pursuing a civil claim against the at-fault party, you may be able to recover a sense of accountability and justice, as well as financial compensation for the losses you have incurred. 

No one anticipates the high costs associated with enduring the death of a close relative. Families in Bridgewater– unlike the residents of other provinces with longer statutes of limitations on wrongful death claims– have only a short time to act in order to try recovering damages they have sustained as a result of their family member’s tragic passing. 

By working with our wrongful death lawyers serving Bridgewater, certain bereaved family members may be able to recover damages they have incurred because of their close relative’s death. These damages often include: 

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of guidance or companionship
  • Loss of future earnings anticipated over your loved one’s lifetime
  • Medical costs incurred prior to your loved one’s death
  • And possibly more, if eligible

Our Bridgewater wrongful death lawyers have a history of helping grieving family members of wrongfully deceased accident victims recover economic and non-economic damages sustained because of another party’s fatal mistakes. By working with our wrongful death lawyers serving Bridgewater, the following close relatives may be able to pursue a civil claim against the negligent party whose actions led to the fatal accident: 

  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Grandchildren 
  • Grandparents 

Our Bridgewater wrongful death lawyers realize that, during the short twelve months after the death of a close family member, pursuing legal action may be the farthest thing from your mind. However, at Preszler Injury Lawyers, we believe that no one should be forced to suffer the indignity of financial losses after suffering the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one in a traumatic accident. Our compassionate, sensitive wrongful death lawyers serving Bridgewater are passionate about helping bereaved members of the local community recover the restitution they deserve. 

To learn more about how our Bridgewater wrongful death lawyers may be able to assist you, call Preszler Injury Lawyers today and book your free initial consultation.

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If your relative was killed in a traumatic accident caused by another party’s negligence, you have only a short period of time in which to take action. By consulting with our wrongful death lawyers serving Bridgewater, you will have the opportunity to learn about legal options for financial recovery that may be available to you.

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