While Nova Scotia does not have a specific Dog Owners Liability Act like most provinces do – there are provisions under the provincial Occupier’s Liability Act that can hold dog owners responsible if someone gets bitten or attacked while on their property.

It does not matter if the dog does not have a history for biting or attacking, and it does not matter if the dog owner tried to hold the dog back or restrain them in some way. Some people believe that if the dog was provoked, the owner will not be held responsible, but that is also not the case.

When a dog has been provoked and bites the provoker as a result, the injured party can still file a lawsuit with the help of a dog bite lawyer.

While their compensation may be reduced due to the fact that they have some responsibility for being bitten, they may still be able to claim damages for expenses such as lost income and medical expenses.

Dog Bite Injuries

While no one ever wants to get bitten by a dog, many believe that when it happens the injuries may be restricted to minor cuts and bruises. But this is not true. Cuts can often be very deep and leave permanent scars on the face and other areas of the body, but soft tissue damage and broken bones are also common in dog bites.

This is especially true when the attack was not limited to one bite, but when the dog bit the victim repeatedly.

An injury that many people do not consider when thinking about dog bites is also the psychological trauma victims undergo.

A single bite or attack can result in a fear of dogs in someone who loved the animal before, as well as depression, anxiety, nightmares and panic attacks. In some instances, these injuries can last for years after the bite occurred.

When individuals are injured from a dog bite or attack, it is important that they speak with a dog bite lawyer after seeking medical treatment.

Dogs are often considered man’s best friend. And more often than not, they are friendly to both their owners and those new friends they meet throughout the day. But dogs can become aggravated for reasons unknown to their owners and others, and they can sometimes act unpredictably; even when they have no previous history of doing so.

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