When disabling injuries, severe illness, and debilitating mental health issues prevent workers from performing the duties of their jobs, they may find a degree of financial security in the form of disability benefits. Designed to replace a percentage of a disabled person’s regular wages, disability benefits may be available to workers through their employer’s group insurance plan or through an insurance policy they pay into privately, provided they have the appropriate level of coverage. 

Although disability benefits do not replace the full amount of an injured or ill employee’s regular wages, generally speaking, they pay eligible recipients between 60-70% or their normal earnings through monthly payment installments. Disability benefits are often a critical income source. The funds may be crucial in helping disabled workers continue paying their bills, keeping on top of important medical costs, and keeping their families financially stable. 

In order to apply for disability benefits, injured or ill workers with the appropriate level of insurance coverage must submit a claim to their insurance provider. They will most likely be required to include supplementary medical documentation with their application in order to substantiate their claims. 

Applications for disability benefits may require evidence proving the severity of your medical condition, illustrating its impact on your ability to perform the duties associated with your job, and proving that you have been receiving ongoing treatment for it. Supplementary evidence for your application may include:

  • Medical records
  • Results of medical examinations
  • Statements from your attending physicians
  • A detailed description of your job duties
  • A statement from your plan sponsor (i.e. your employer)
  • Other documentation proving that your medical condition prevents you from performing the duties of your job.

That said, even if you provide evidence that sufficiently proves your medical condition makes it impossible to continue working, your insurance company may decide to deny your claim for disability benefits. In fact, most claims for disability benefits throughout the country are denied for a number of different reasons.

Receiving a denied claim for disability benefits can be more than frustrating. For those relying on their insurance coverage to help them weather an extremely challenging storm, a denied disability claim can be earth-shattering. While denied applicants should be given the option to appeal a claim denial, fighting with an insurance provider can often seem like a futile– and costly– task, especially at a time when policyholders have neither the physical energy nor financial freedom to pursue such a venture. 

That is why, in order to best serve members of the local community who have been wronged by their insurance providers, our disability lawyers serving Cape Breton work on a contingency-fee basis. That way, if you are eligible to pursue civil action against your insurance provider for unfairly denying the benefits you are owed, our Cape Breton disability lawyers will not charge you for our services unless we win your case. 

By working with our disability lawyers serving Cape Breton, unfairly denied disability claimants may be able to recover the benefits payments they deserve, as well as other damages if applicable. To speak with our Cape Breton disability lawyers today, call Preszler Injury Lawyers for a free initial consultation. 

Free Consultation for Cape Breton Residents – We Don’t Get Paid Unless We Win

In order to remove financial barriers to accessing our services, Preszler Injury Lawyers offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients. During a no-obligation first meeting with our disability lawyers serving Cape Breton, prospective clients will have the opportunity to review their situation, ask important questions about their insurance policies, and receive the benefit of our legal advice, all at absolutely no cost. 

To learn if you may be eligible to overturn your insurance provider’s unfair determination, schedule your free initial consultation with our Cape Breton disability lawyers today.


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