When people sustain serious physical injuries, contract a chronic illness, or develop a severe mental health issue, their medical condition may make it impossible for them to perform the duties of their jobs. Depending on the nature of their condition and their occupation, returning to work while prioritizing their health and well-being may simply not be an option.

If you live or work in Dartmouth and cannot return to your workplace because of a medical condition you have acquired, provided you have adequate insurance coverage, you may be able to collect disability benefits. 

These monthly insurance payments are issued to policyholders who cannot work because of their medical conditions. Many workers who pay into their employer’s group insurance plan have access to disability coverage. Those who are self-employed or who wish to purchase additional coverage to supplement their current insurance plan may have access to disability benefits through their privately held insurance policy. 

Disability benefits can provide injured or ill people with a degree of financial security at a time in their lives where they may be struggling to make ends meet. Although disability benefits do not replace an employee’s entire normal salary while they are unable to return to the workplace, generally speaking, they provide recipients with between 60-70% of their regular income. 

In order to begin collecting disability benefits, disabled workers must first submit an application to their insurance provider, and supply medical evidence substantiating their claim for benefits. However, even if their medical condition should entitle them to receive disability payments, insurance companies can deny benefits claims for numerous reasons.

Furthermore, approved recipients of disability benefits may face challenges if their insurance provider decides to prematurely terminate their monthly payments. This can happen when insurers determine that a recipient’s medical condition no longer fits the policy’s definition of disability, or for a number of other reasons. Insurance providers can even terminate monthly payments to disability benefits recipients because of content they share on their personal social media platforms. 

If your claim for disability benefits was denied even though your condition should entitle you to compensation, or if your payments were prematurely terminated while your disabling medical condition persists, our disability lawyers serving Dartmouth may be able to help you fight your insurance provider’s decision. If successful, our Dartmouth disability lawyers may be able to help you recover damages, including:

  • Previously denied benefits payments
  • Legal fees
  • Damages for mental stress experienced
  • Punitive damages
  • And possibly more

Fighting an insurance company may seem like an impossible task. Many Dartmouth residents who rely on disability benefits to get by may worry that the process of appealing an insurance provider’s decision will be an ongoing– and expensive– legal process.

However, our Dartmouth disability lawyers do our best to remove financial barriers to our legal services and provide crucial legal assistance to members of the local community, regardless of 

their financial situation. 

Free Consultation for Dartmouth Residents – We Don’t Get Paid Unless We Win

Our disability lawyers serving Dartmouth offer free, initial consultations to all prospective clients. During this initial, no-obligation meeting, you will have the opportunity to review the terms of your insurance policy with our Dartmouth disability lawyers and learn about options that may be available to you.

At Preszler Injury Lawyers, we appreciate that people who are unable to work because of their medical conditions may not have unlimited funds to fight an unfair decision. That is why our Dartmouth disability lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis. If you are eligible to appeal your denied disability claim, you will not pay for our legal services unless we win.

To book your free, initial consultation with our disability lawyers with experience in Dartmouth, call Preszler Injury Lawyers today.


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