Survivors of sexual assault are entitled to pursue civil action against the people who abused them. In certain situations, survivors may also be able to seek accountability and compensation from their abuser’s employer or other institutions responsible for introducing the abuser to the victim. 

At Preszler Injury Lawyers, we know all too well that though no amount of money will be able to compensate the survivors of such reprehensible actions. However, if you or a someone you know has been the victim of abuse, our sexual assault lawyers serving Dartmouth may be able to file a civil claim against the abuser. By doing so, our Dartmouth sexual assault lawyers may be able to recover damages you have sustained as a result of your assault. 

Sexual assault is defined, in part, by a power imbalance within a sexual dynamic. When one party takes control away from another through a number of different actions, essentially, they rob that person of the right to control what happens to their body. These actions could include attempted or completed rape, forced kissing, grabbing, unwanted touching, sexual harassment, and more. In fact, any kind of sexual activity that takes place without consent is sexual assault. 

Regardless of gender, age, race, or cultural background, anyone can be the victim of sexual assault. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, women are over-represented among sexual assault survivors. Across the country, young women, indigenous women, trans women, and women with disabilities are among the people with the highest risk of being sexually assaulted. 

Most victims of sexual assault have a pre-existing, personal relationship with their abuser. Friends, family members, neighbours, teachers, sports coaches, and religious leaders can use their positions of trust or authority to prey upon the people close to them. When these perpetrators of sexual assault use force, make threats, or otherwise take advantage of vulnerable people in their care to engage in unwanted sexual activity, victims may endure pervasive psychological trauma and emotional anguish that may seem impossible to overcome. 

Many victims fear that pursuing justice for the crime that was perpetrated against them will be an emotionally exhausting and possibly re-traumatizing experience. They may worry that, if they speak out against their abuser, they will face public scrutiny, shaming, and victim-blaming. Perhaps worst of all, many victims believe that, after bravely speaking out against their abuser, their story will not be believed. Unfortunately, for these reasons and many more, survivors of sexual assault often suffer in silence. 

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With help from our Dartmouth sexual assault lawyers, survivors of assault may be able to bring their abuser to justice, and recover financial compensation for damages they incurred because of their assault. During a free, initial consultation, our sexual assault lawyers serving Dartmouth can sensitively discuss your case and explain options that may be available to you. 

In Dartmouth, there is no statute of limitations on filing civil charges for sexual assault. That means that, even if your assault took place years in the past, our Dartmouth sexual assault lawyers may be able to help you pursue accountability and financial compensation.

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