Survivors of sexual abuse often develop serious mental health conditions as a result of their traumatic experiences. Anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stemming from past abuse may take decades to overcome. Adults who were victimized during their childhood or adolescence often develop self-destructive behaviours to try grappling with their pasts. In Dieppe, survivors of sexual abuse may be more likely to consider, attempt, or complete suicide. 

If you are in distress, contact the Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 833-456-4566.

Any sexual activity that takes place without consent is considered sexual abuse or, in the civil context, sexual battery. Consent refers to an ongoing, clearly understood agreement that can be revoked during sexual activity for any reason. Consent is an agreement made between adults. Children are not capable of giving informed consent for sexual activity. 

Sexual exploitation refers to one of several forms of non-consensual sexual abuse. This occurs when an adult in a position of authority, trust, or dependency exploits their influence over a child in their care to engage in sexual activity. Sometimes, authority figures like teachers, sports coaches, or religious figures use their position of power within an organization to exploit young people over whom they have influence. Teenagers who have reached the federally mandated age of consent are not able to give informed consent to an adult upon whom they are dependent, or who holds a position of authority or trust. 

In Dieppe, organizations may become aware that one of its employees has perpetuated sexual exploitation or abuse against a young or vulnerable person in their care. If the employer fails to report incidents of sexual abuse to the police or take steps to remove the abuser from their position of authority within their organization, they may be considered liable for damages suffered by victims as a result of systemic, institutional sexual abuse. In Dieppe, institutional sexual abuse may be perpetuated by educational institutions, religious organizations, psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities, sports leagues or extra-curricular programs, and more.

Survivors of sexual abuse are entitled to pursue legal action against their abusers and, in certain situations, against their employers. No matter how far in the past the abuse took place, people who were victimized have the right to seek justice, accountability, and financial compensation for damages they incurred because of their trauma.

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