Sexual assault is defined, in part, by an imbalance of power. That is because any kind of non-consensual sexual activity is sexual assault. By carrying out a number of unwanted sexual actions, perpetrators of sexual assault rob their victim of their power to control what happens to their body. These actions could include attempted or completed rape, forced kissing, grabbing, unwanted touching, sexual harassment, and more. 

Anyone can be– and may be– the victim of sexual assault, regardless of gender, age, class, race, or background. That said, overwhelmingly, women are the predominant victims of sexual assault. In fact, across the country, the people most likely to be assaulted sexually include young women, indigenous women, trans women, and women with disabilities. 

More often than not, sexual assault survivors report having a pre-existing, personal relationship with the person who abused them. In many cases, the perpetrators of sexual assault are trusted family members, friends, or authority figures such as teachers, sports coaches, and religious leaders. These trusted figures may take advantage or exploit vulnerable people in their care. Perpetrators of sexual assault often also use violent physical force or threaten their victims in order to engage in unwanted sexual activity.

Surviving sexual abuse can have long-term emotional repercussions, including pervasive feelings of anxiety, depression, shame, low self-esteem, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many survivors go on to experience self-destructive behaviours as a result of the trauma they suffered.

For a number of different reasons, survivors of sexual assault are often hesitant about speaking out against their abusers. They may fear that the experience of pursuing justice will be futile and possibly re-traumatizing. Worst of all, sexual assault survivors may fear that their stories will not be believed.

It takes incredible courage to speak out against abusers. Our sexual assault lawyers serving Dieppe appreciate the bravery required to begin speaking about past experiences with abuse, and work sensitively with the clients we represent to pursue justice on their behalf.

With assistance from our Dieppe sexual assault lawyers, survivors of assault may be able to pursue civil action against their abuser and, in certain situations, against their abuser’s employer. While no amount of money can truly compensate survivors, by filing a lawsuit against the perpetrators of sexual assault, victims may be able to recover damages they have incurred because of their traumatic experience. 

In Dieppe, there is no statute of limitations on filing civil charges for sexual assault. That means that, even if your assault took place years in the past, our Dieppe sexual assault lawyers may be able to help you file a civil claim against your abuser.

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