No one expects to be injured because of a defective product. In fact, few consumers in Restigouche County question the safety of products they purchase from local stores or online retailers. With a robust system of checks and balances in place and national legislation governing the manufacturing and distribution of consumer products across the country, most consumers implicitly assume that the items they have purchased will be safe for use.

By imposing nationwide safety standards and practices, Health Canada regulates businesses that manufacture, import, sell, advertise, package, label, or test consumer products anywhere in the country. The product safety guidelines and protocols detailed by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) are designed to identify products that could cause their users to sustain physical injuries and prevent them from being sold to the public at large. The safety measures outlined by the CCPSA apply to a number of non-commercial products, including:

  • Domestic items (e.g. appliances, furniture, etc.)
  • Recreational items (e.g. children’s toys, games, etc.)
  • Sports items (e.g. equipment, gear, safety pads, etc.)
  • And possibly more

Before products can be sold to local consumers, their manufacturers must comply with the regulatory processes outlined by the CCPSA. Doing so ensures that, as long as the products are used in accordance with their instructions, they will not endanger their users or cause them to sustain physical injuries. 

Occasionally, though, potentially dangerous defective products make their way through the distribution chain, onto store shelves, and into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. Sometimes, a product’s defects may render it unsafe for use. Restigouche County residents who purchase defective products could even sustain serious injuries simply by using these dangerous items. 

When the use of a defective product leads to its user’s physical harm, the negligence of its manufacturer may be to blame. Negligence could be linked to:

  • A product’s defective design
  • Negligent manufacturing of the product 
  • Failure to warn consumers of the risks associated with the product’s use
  • Improper testing of the product’s safety
  • And more

If a manufacturer is aware that the product they have made or distributed is unsafe for consumer use, they have a responsibility to take immediate action to prevent potential injuries or fatalities from occurring. These actions may include:

  • Report the hazard to Health Canada so a product recall can be issued.
  • Inform suppliers, retailers, and distributors, instructing them to cease sales of the product.
  • Contact consumers who have purchased the defective product.
  • Submit the findings of safety tests to Health Canada. 
  • And possibly more

Failing to take necessary safety measures when a product manufacturer knows or should know about a dangerous defect could be considered negligence. This negligence could have serious, harmful repercussions for people who have purchased these defective products. 

If the negligence of a product manufacturer caused you to sustain injuries, our defective products lawyers serving Restigouche County may be able to help you find accountability and restitution. By filing a civil claim against the at-fault manufacturer whose negligence caused you to sustain injuries, our Restigouche County defective products lawyers may be able to help you recover financial compensation for damages you have incurred. 

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