Without a doubt, truck drivers provide an essential service. The operators of these large commercial vehicles transport goods, materials, and supplies to and from communities across the country, and over the border. Often straining to meet tight deadlines, truck drivers may put their physical health and well-being at risk in order to accommodate their difficult delivery schedules.

In many cases, this may mean driving to the point of physical exhaustion, eating meals while their vehicle is in motion, speeding excessively, or relying on illicit stimulants or amphetamines to stay awake for unhealthy lengths of time. The nature of their job, however, does not give truck drivers impunity for violations of traffic laws. Breaking the rules of the road can endanger the lives of other vehicle operators and occupants sharing the highway with large trucks.

All motor vehicle operators are legally obligated to take reasonable actions behind the wheel to ensure other road users are not harmed as a result of their wrongful conduct. This rule applies to the drivers of large commercial transport vehicles, as well. If a truck driver’s negligence causes a collision with a passenger vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, or other road user, the consequences can be disastrous. 

If a truck driver fails to uphold their duty of care through a number of wrongful actions or inactions behind the wheel of their commercial vehicle, their conduct may be considered negligent. Truck accidents resulting from a driver’s negligence could lead to property damage, life-altering injuries, and wrongful deaths. Owing to the discrepancies of size and weight between trucks and smaller vehicles, a truck’s operator may be able to survive a collision without sustaining major injuries. However, the same crash may impact the rest of an accident victim’s life, as well as their livelihood.

The injuries sustained in a collision with a truck may make it impossible for an accident survivor to continue performing the tasks associated with their job. Faced with an inability to work and substantial costs for medical care and necessary lifestyle adjustments, the survivors of truck accidents often find themselves in financial precarious positions. A truck driver’s negligence could rob an unsuspecting accident victim of their ability to live and work independently. Their wrongful conduct could force an innocent victim to incur significant financial losses, endure physical pain and discomfort, develop debilitating mental health conditions, and suffer a diminished quality of life. 

If the negligence of a truck driver caused a crash in which you sustained serious injuries, our truck accident lawyers serving Restigouche County may be able to help you recover financial compensation for damages you incurred, or will incur in the future. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may be able to file a civil claim against the at-fault driver whose negligence caused your collision as well as their employer.

In certain situations, trucking companies may be liable for damages resulting from accidents caused by their employees. If they knew their driver had a history of unsafe driving but failed to remove them from their staff, or if they assigned their driver a delivery schedule requiring them to drive to the point of physical exhaustion, they might be considered contributorily negligent. If so, they may be required to provide injured accident victims with financial compensation for their injuries. 

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