We rely on large commercial trucks and their drivers to deliver goods across the country and over the border. Truck drivers provide an essential service to an immeasurable number of people, often neglecting their own physical health and risking their personal safety to meet seemingly impossible delivery schedules. 

In order to fulfill the requirements of their very difficult jobs, truck drivers may feel the need to violate traffic laws. They may drive for unhealthy stretches of time without sleeping, eat meals while their truck is in motion, take illicit substances to stay awake, drive well above the speed limit to try meeting their deadlines, ignore traffic signals, and change lanes improperly. These and other violations of the rules of the road may make truck drivers more likely to cause accidents with other vehicles. 

If the violation of traffic laws leads to a collision with another vehicle, the at-fault truck driver may be considered negligent. Negligence occurs when a motor vehicle operator shirks the duty of care they are legally required to provide to all other road-users. If a truck driver’s wrongful actions or inactions behind the wheel cause a collision with another vehicle and injuries are sustained as a result, the negligent truck driver may be liable for damages incurred by the injured party because of their accident. 

Due to their massive stature and comparatively outsize weight, when commercial trucks collide with passenger vehicles, the consequences can be fatal. The negligence of truck drivers can cost unsuspecting motor vehicle operators and passengers their lives. While the truck driver may not sustain any physical injuries in a crash, the surviving victims of a truck accident could suffer extreme physical repercussions, as well as emotional trauma and financial distress for the rest of their lives as a result of their accident. 

If the negligence of a truck driver caused you to sustain injuries in a crash, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Depending on the circumstances of your collision, our truck accident lawyers serving Saint John may be able to pursue legal action against the at-fault truck driver and, in certain cases, the company that employed them. 

As a matter of fact, unlike other lawsuits arising from motor vehicle collisions, truck accident claims often name multiple defendants. The contributory negligence of a truck driver’s employer may have played a role in your collision without your knowledge or awareness. 

Through investigative research, our Saint John truck accident lawyers may be able to collect evidence proving that the driver’s trucking company was aware they had a history of negligence behind the wheel but failed to remove them from their staff. Furthermore, if a trucking company assigned the at-fault driver an impossible delivery schedule, forcing the driver to operate their vehicle in an unsafe manner, they could be considered negligent, as well. The contributory negligence of a trucking company may make them partially responsible for financially compensating accident victims injured in collisions caused by their drivers.

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In the aftermath of a serious collision, it can be difficult to determine liability. Truck accident survivors may not be aware where to turn for accountability, or if they are eligible to seek restitution.

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