Most consumers in Sydney purchase everyday household items with the assumption that they will be safe for use. Indeed, most people probably take for granted that products they have purchased from local or online retailers are required to go through a robust system of checks and balances to ensure they are safe for use by the public. Because of these federally regulated safety measures, if used correctly and in accordance with any explicit safety-related instructions,consumer  products should not cause physical harm to the people that purchase them. 

It is unlikely that the majority of consumers are aware of the processes that regulate the safety of non-commercial products. That said, any company that manufactures, imports, sells, advertises, packages, labels, or tests non-commercial consumer products across the country are beholden to the nationwide safety practices mandated by Health Canada. Processes outlined in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) apply to a range of products, including domestic, recreational, and sports-related items. By identifying potentially dangerous products that may pose a risk to the health and safety of the people that purchase and use them, Health Canada can ensure that these hazardous products will not be made available for public sale throughout the country. By preventing consumers from purchasing unsafe products, Health Canada aims to eliminate the risk of product-related injuries. 

Unfortunately, despite the rigorous safety protocols with which product manufacturers must comply, occasionally unsafe, defective products are released for sale to the public. Many times, the error goes unnoticed until it is too late and unsuspecting consumers have suffered injuries or fatalities because of the defective product they purchased. 

If you were injured by a defective product, it is possible that your accident was the result of its manufacturer’s negligence. Negligence in product liability cases is often related to a product’s defective design, wrongful conduct during the manufacturing process of the product, or improper testing of the product’s safety. That said, injuries resulting from manufacturer negligence could also occur if consumers are not provided with sufficient warnings of the risks associated with the product’s improper use. Injurious accidents can also occur if the safety instructions provided to consumers are inaccurate, erroneous, or incomplete. 

According to federal regulations, if a manufacturer becomes aware of a defect in their product’s design or other errors that could cause its users to sustain accidental injuries, they are required to report the safety issues to Health Canada. Once the proper authorities have been made aware of the risks associated with these defective consumer products, Health Canada may decide to issue a product recall in order to prevent further injuries from occurring. 

If a manufacturer fails to take responsibility for their errors and does not act within their consumers’ best interests upon learning about the potential dangers of their products, the consequences can be disastrous. Injuries resulting from defective products may, therefore, be directly linked to the manufacturer’s negligence. If so, the negligent manufacturer may be responsible for providing injured consumers with financial compensation for damages they have incurred because of their injuries. 

If you believe the injuries you sustained were the result of a product manufacturer’s negligence, our defective products lawyers serving Sydney may be able to provide you with crucial legal assistance. By working with our Sydney defective products lawyers, injured consumers may be able to pursue financial compensation for the injuries they sustained by unwittingly using an unsafe product that should never have been sold to them in the first place. 

Determining liability in these types of cases can be difficult without assistance from our defective products lawyers serving Sydney. To discuss your case with Preszler Injury Lawyers and learn if you may be eligible to pursue legal action against the negligent product manufacturer whose wrongful conduct led to your injuries, book a free initial consultation with our Sydney defective products lawyers today. 

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