When defective, potentially dangerous non-commercial consumer products are released for sale to the general public, the people who purchase them can unwittingly put themselves in harm’s way. Defective products can cause unsuspecting consumers to sustain serious, life-threatening injuries and incur substantial financial losses.

Even though the companies that manufacture, import, sell, advertise, package, label, or test non-commercial consumer products are required to comply with national safety standards and practices mandated in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). These regulations are in place to protect consumers from potentially dangerous products. Unfortunately, sometimes products that fail to meet national safety standards are accidentally made available for sale. In most situations, manufacturers are unaware that a product has hazardous defects until it is too late and unsuspecting purchasers have already sustained injuries. 

In product liability claims, at-fault manufacturers may be considered negligent for a variety of reasons. A manufacturer may be considered negligent if:

  • The product was designed in a defective manner
  • An error occurred during the manufacturing process
  • The product’s safety testing was conducted incorrectly 
  • The product was mislabelled 
  • The product’s packaging and/or safety instructions did not adequately communicate risks associated with the product’s use
  • The manufacturer failed to report the health hazard to Health Canada 
  • And possibly more

The negligence of product manufacturers can have dangerous, life-threatening repercussions. If their failure to abide by national safety protocols outlined in the CCPSA caused a consumer to sustain injuries, the negligent manufacturer might be liable for damages incurred by the injured party as a result. 

No one expects to be injured when using an everyday household item in accordance with its recommended safety instructions. If a hazardous, unsafe non-commercial consumer item caused you to sustain compensable injuries, our defective products lawyers serving Sydney Mines may be able to help. 

Recovering from injuries sustained in an unexpected accident can be an expensive process. This is especially true for injured accident victims who can no longer continue working because of the injuries they sustained. By working with our Sydney Mines defective products lawyers, you may be able to recover financial compensation from the product’s manufacturer whose negligence was responsible for your injuries. 

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Without assistance from our defective products lawyers sering Sydney Mines, it can be difficult for injured consumers to prove that the negligence of the defective product’s manufacturer was indeed responsible for causing their injuries. To review the circumstances of your accident and learn about options that may be available to you, call our Sydney Mines defective products lawyers.

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