At the core of sexual abuse is an imbalance of power between the perpetrator and their victim. Oftentimes, the perpetrators of sexual abuse exploit the trust that has been placed in them by their victims, take advantage of their position of authority within a larger institution, or prey upon a victim’s dependence upon them in order to engage in non-consensual sexual activity.

Consent refers to an agreement between adults. Children and minors are not capable of providing informed consent to adults to engage in sexual activities. Even teenagers who have reached the age of consent but have not yet surpassed the age of majority cannot legally give consent for sexual activities to adults who hold a position of trust, authority, or dependency in their lives. For example, high school students who have surpassed the age of consent cannot legally consent to a sexual relationship with their teacher, sports coach, religious leader, or healthcare provider. Adults in these types of positions who take advantage of the power imbalance in their relationship with a young or vulnerable person to coerce, manipulate, threaten, or otherwise convince them to engage in sexual activity has committed a form of sexual abuse referred to as sexual exploitation.

For years or even decades following their exploitation, sexual abuse survivors may struggle with the burden of their trauma. In addition to suffering the emotional and psychological effects of being victimized by a trusted authority figure, the survivors of sexual abuse frequently incur significant monetary losses as a direct result of the abuse they endured. These losses are often related to:

  • Psychological counselling
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Prescription medications
  • Failure to reach potential
  • Reduced earning capabilities 
  • Lost wages 
  • And more

If someone in your life abused you sexually, you may be eligible to pursue legal action against them and, depending on the circumstances of your case, against the organization that employed them or introduced you to your abuser. By doing so, you may be able to recover compensation for damages you have incurred or will incur in the future as a result of the emotional and psychological trauma you have been forced to endure.

Our sexual abuse lawyers serving Wolfville have a history of providing crucial legal support to victims of sexual abuse. Our Wolfville sexual abuse lawyers are committed to bringing abusers in the local community to justice, and to helping their victims recover the justice and compensation they deserve.

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In this province, there is no time limit on sexual abuse claims. Even if your abuse occurred years in the past, you may still be entitled to compensation. By consulting with our Wolfville sexual abuse lawyers, you can learn about courses of action that may be available to you and receive advice specific to the details of your case, all at no cost.

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