Nova Scotia is a beautiful province for any outdoor activities. Snowmobiling continues to grow in popularity and ease of access. There are 100s of kilometers of trails in the province in addition to the private and public properties which allow snowmobiling and other areas of open wilderness ready to explore on a snowmobile – when there is snow!

The last thing you expect is to be injured while you are out enjoying what mother nature has to offer. BUT keep in mind you are either driving or you’re a passenger on a very powerful machine and this should never be taken for granted. Injuries are common and can be severe.

There are many reasons why individuals get injured in snowmobile accidents which include but are not limited to, unmarked hazards, unmarked trials, impaired driving, excessive speed, riding on highways/roads, inexperienced operators, riding after dark, riding on thin ice as well as mechanical failure.

There is no way to canvass all of the different ways in which something can go wrong, nor is there a way to summarize all of the different types of injuries you can suffer as a result of a snowmobile accident. However, given the exposed nature of the machines, it is very common to suffer serious orthopedic injuries, head traumas and severe neurological injuries.

It is always important to make sure you have and are wearing the proper safety equipment. You should only operate a snowmobile after you have been instructed on proper use of a snowmobile and after you have completed the appropriate courses. You should only ride as a passenger with experienced riders.

Taking the extra time to inspect the areas where you will be riding or riding on designated trails will always decrease the potential for injury or accidents. You need to ensure where you are operating your snowmobile that you are doing so in an area which it is permitted. There are areas where it could be strictly prohibited as the result of hidden hazards which could result in serious injuries and even death.

In Nova Scotia children and adults are required to have a safety training certificate (although there are some exemptions). If children are being supervised because they are too young to complete the training to get the certificate, the supervising adult must hold a certificate. For more information on training certificates see

Snowmobiling is a wonderful activity but the activity needs to be approached as a potentially dangerous one and the more preparations are made for safety, the safer you will be.

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