For survivors of sexual assault, speaking out against their abusers can illicit a number of fears and anxieties. Even though sexual assault survivors are entitled to pursue civil action against the person who perpetrated the assault, they may be hesitant to do so. In Moncton, many survivors fear that seeking damages through civil litigation will be fruitless, yielding no results. Assault survivors may worry that pursuing legal action against their abuser will be a re-traumatizing experience, forcing them to live through some of the worst moments of their lives all over again. Perhaps most troubling of all, victims of sexual assault may fear that, after mustering the courage to pursue justice and accountability, no one will believe that their assault occurred at all. 

While many think of sexual assault as traumatic, violent acts perpetrated by one stranger against another, in fact, most victims have a pre-existing, personal relationship with the person who assaulted them. While perpetrators may certainly– and often do– use physical violence, threats, or intimidation to force their victims to engage in unwanted sexual activity, in many cases, trusted friends, family members, or authority figures (like teachers, religious leaders, or sports coaches) may take advantage of an imbalance of power within their relationships to take advantage of people in their care.

Since many sexual assault survivors have pre-existing relationships with their abuser in addition to legitimate fears about seeking restitution for the crimes committed against them, an alarming number of survivors suffer in silence. Many sexual assault survivors try repressing the emotional impact of their assault, which can exacerbate any psychological trauma they are already experiencing. 

Indeed, it can take a great deal of bravery, mental fortitude, and emotional strength to speak out against abusers. Our sexual assault lawyers serving Moncton appreciate the situation you are in, and the courage required to speak about your recent or past assault. Our Moncton sexual assault lawyers are ready to listen to your story with compassion and sensitivity. During a free consultation with Preszler Injury Lawyers, our sexual assault lawyers serving Moncton may be able to review your circumstances and advise you of options that may be available to you.

The overwhelming majority of sexual assault survivors are women. Throughout the country, young women, indigenous women, trans women, and women with disabilities are over-represented among the survivors of sexual assault. However, that does not imply that only women can be the victims of sexual assault. Regardless of gender, age, race, class, or cultural background, anyone can be the victim of sexual assault. 

Sexual assault is defined as any non-consensual sexual activity taking place between adults. Through non-consensual actions, perpetrators of sexual assault take away a victim’s power to control what happens to their bodies. Examples of non-consensual sexual actions include attempted or completed rape, forced kissing, grabbing, unwanted touching, sexual harassment, and more. 

If you have been the victim of sexual assault, pursuing financial compensation through a civil claim may be the farthest thing from your mind. However, as a result of these reprehensible actions, survivors of sexual assault may incur substantial financial damages, including medical expenses, psychological treatment, lost wages, reduced future earning capacity, and more. With assistance from our Moncton sexual assault lawyers, survivors may be able to recover damages they have incurred because of their traumatic experience. 

In Moncton, there is no statute of limitations on filing civil charges for sexual assault. That means that, even if your assault took place years in the past, our Moncton sexual assault lawyers may be able to help you file a civil claim against your abuser and, in certain situations, against their employer. 

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At Preszler Injury Lawyers, our initial consultation is always free to members of the local community. If you live or work in Moncton and are ready to discuss the circumstances of your assault, our sexual assault lawyers serving Moncton may be able to provide you with legal assistance and advice. 

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