No matter where we live, important goods and products are delivered to us by hardworking transport truck drivers. The operators of large, commercial vehicles carry all manner of supplies and products across the country and over the border to make our lives more convenient. Truck drivers provide an essential service, often in difficult conditions. A truck driver’s job may require them to neglect their physical well-being and personal safety to meet tight delivery deadlines.

When truck drivers push themselves too hard to fulfill the duties of their jobs, they may neglect their physical health, sacrifice sleep, eat meals behind the wheel, and consume illicit drugs to stay awake for prolonged stretches of time. If a truck driver feels they must violate traffic laws in order to perform their job, they could very well put other road-users in danger. 

Large commercial trucks far outweigh regularly sized passenger vehicles, including cars, vans, and sports utility vehicles. Because of this discrepancy in size and weight, collisions may not cause much damage to the transport truck but could cause significant damage to the passenger vehicle, and the people inside it. By operating massive transport trucks in an unsafe manner, drivers could cause fatal collisions, as well as accidents that may culminate in severe injuries. 

In the Moncton area, truck accidents are commonly the result of driver negligence. By violating provincial traffic regulations, negligent truck drivers fail to uphold the duty of care they are legally obligated to provide to other road-users. In these cases, drivers whose wrongful actions or inactions behind the wheel of their truck could be considered negligent and, therefore, liable for damages resulting from their wrongful conduct. 

All-too frequently, truck accidents are the result of a driver’s use of alcohol or other substances while operating their vehicle. Additionally, collisions are often caused by driver fatigue and exhaustion, as well as driver distraction. While the use of cell phones behind the wheel is a common distraction, distracted driving refers to anything that steals a driver’s focus from the road. For overworked truck drivers trying to make difficult delivery deadlines, eating while driving can be a distraction that causes a serious collision. Furthermore, speeding, reckless or aggressive driving, and any other violation of the rules of the road may constitute driver negligence. 

If you live or work in Moncton and were injured in a collision caused by a truck driver’s negligence, our truck accident lawyers serving Moncton may be able to pursue financial compensation on your behalf. In fact, depending on the circumstances of the collision, our Moncton truck accident lawyers may be able to pursue legal action against multiple parties in order to recover financial compensation for the injuries you sustained. 

In truck accident claims, it is not uncommon for multiple defendants to be named. That is because, in many situations, the negligence of a truck driver’s employer may have contributed to the conditions that caused the collision. This can happen in cases when a trucking company was aware that its employee had a history of dangerous driving but continued to employ them and took no steps to address their track record of negligence. In other cases, a truck driver’s employer may be considered negligent if they assigned impossible delivery schedules to their drivers. If a company forced their employee to drive past the point of exhaustion, they could also be considered negligent. In either case, if the at-fault truck driver’s employer is found to have exhibited contributory negligence, the company may also be liable for damages sustained by injured parties. 

Our Moncton truck accident lawyers understand the complexities involved in determining liability in truck accident claims. Through robust investigation, our Moncton truck accident lawyers may be able to present evidence proving that the negligence of the at-fault driver’s employer contributed to the conditions that led to your collisions. This evidence may include:

  • Past performance reports
  • Driving records
  • Previous complaints about negligent behaviour
  • Delivery schedules
  • Other evidence about the driver’s track record

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