If you were severely injured or have developed a physical or mental illness, you may find it impossible to fulfill the duties associated with your job as a result of your acquired medical condition. Becoming seriously ill or sustaining debilitating injuries can put regular people in extraordinarily difficult positions. Without the ability to continue working, you may be understandably concerned about fulfilling your everyday financial obligations, supporting your family, and affording newly accumulated costs of medical care. 

Provided you have the appropriate level of insurance coverage, if your medical condition prevents you from returning to the workplace, you may be able to find some degree of financial security through disability benefits. Disability benefits may be included in your employer’s group insurance plan, or may be available to you through a privately held insurance policy for which you pay monthly premiums. 

Designed to replace a portion of a person’s regular income when their medical conditions make continued work an impossibility, disability benefits do not replace the entirety of a recipient’s salary. Instead, disability benefits typically provide eligible insurance policyholders with between 60-70% of their regular earnings. These monthly income replacement payments are often a much-needed source of financial relief for people who, through no fault of their own, can no longer earn their regular wages. 

When a medical condition hampers a person’s ability to continue earning a living, disability benefits provide a crucial source of income. Claimants who apply to receive these benefits payments often have few other resources available to them, if any. During an extremely challenging time, disability benefits can give eligible claimants a sense of much-needed relief. 

However, not everyone who applies for disability benefits through their insurance provider will, in fact, receive these essential monthly payments. In fact, most claims for disability benefits across the country are denied by insurance companies. 

Insurance companies may deny claims for disability benefits for a number of different reasons, many of which can be difficult to comprehend, especially when applicants provide thorough medical evidence substantiating their claims. Unfortunately, insurers may unfairly scrutinize evidence, refute claims, and deny payments as they see fit. 

As common as they are, situations like this can be more than frustrating. For injured or ill Riverview residents who can no longer make ends meet because of the medical conditions they have developed, a denied request for disability benefits can seem like a hopeless situation. Even though anyone whose claim was denied should be able to appeal their insurer’s decision, for applicants who have neither the luxury of time or financial resources, picking a fight with a large insurance company can feel like a fruitless challenge. 

However, if your claim for benefits was unfairly denied by your insurance provider, our disability lawyers serving Riverview may be able to take up the challenge on your behalf. By pursuing legal action against the insurance company that refused to provide you with the income replacement payments you deserve, our Riverview disability lawyers may be able to help overturn their initial decision, secure you the benefits you were previously denied and, in certain situations, recover compensation for other damages you incurred as a result of your unfairly denied claim. 

To learn more about how Preszler Injury Lawyers may be able to assist you in your pursuit of fair treatment, book a free initial consultation with our disability lawyers serving Riverview today.

Free Consultation for Riverview Residents – We Don’t Get Paid Unless We Win

At Preszler Injury Lawyers, we appreciate that, after receiving a diagnosis for a disabling medical condition, you must exercise financial caution. That is why our Riverview disability lawyers offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients. 

Furthermore, in order to remove additional financial barriers to accessing our legal services, our disability lawyers serving Riverview work on a contingency-fee basis. Essentially, if you are eligible to pursue a claim against your insurance provider, you will not be charged for our services unless we win your case.

To discuss your situation with our Riverview disability lawyers and learn about options that may be available to you, call Preszler Injury Lawyers today for your free initial consultation.


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