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Originally from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Joseph finished his undergraduate degree in Ontario before completing his law degree in British Columbia. He currently practices in Ontario and is one of the managing partners for Preszler Law’s British Columbia branch.

Joseph has conducted and won several judge alone and jury trials. He was co-counsel on two decisions that changed Canadian law. Joseph was counsel at trial and on appeal for R. v. Nwanebu, 2014 BCCA 387, a case that explained the application of the defence of necessity in the immigration context for people fleeing persecution and torture. He was co-counsel on Saadati v. Moorhead, 2017 SCC 28, a Supreme Court of Canada case that changed the law in order to allow more people with psychological injuries to receive fair compensation under Canadian law, reversing prior court decisions that treated people with psychological injuries unfairly.

Joseph is also a legal columnist for Reasonable Doubt, with columns previously appearing in the Georgia Straight and NOW Magazine.