The hallmark of sexual abuse is an imbalance of power between the perpetrator and their victims. Victims of sexual abuse are often children, adolescents, or members of vulnerable populations. Perpetrators of sexual abuse traditionally take advantage of their victims’ dependency on them, exploit their trust in them, or wield the authority they hold over their victims in order to engage in unwanted sexual activity. 

People may imagine that sexual abuse is primarily perpetrated against strangers, but the majority of sexual abuse survivors had a pre-existing relationship with their abusers. Abusers often rely on the framework of a larger institution or organization, using their positions of authority or trust within these organizations to prey upon vulnerable individuals. Sexual abusers can have close, personal relationships with children or members of vulnerable populations. They may be:

  • Schoolteachers
  • Religious figures
  • Camp counsellors
  • Foster parents
  • Family members
  • Neighbours 
  • Extra-curricular programme administrators 
  • Sports coaches
  • Juvenile detention guards
  • Psychiatric hospital staff
  • And more 

While a criminal who commits sexual abuse against a child, teenager, or vulnerable person in their care may go on with the rest of their lives untroubled, their victims may suffer disruptive and destrutive after-effects for years or even decades to come. Indeed, surviving sexual abuse can have lifelong emotional and psychological repercussions. 

Additionally, as a direct result of the trauma they were forced to endure, sexual abuse survivors often suffer susbtantial financial losses. People who were abused as children or students may have been unable to complete their education or vocational training programmes because of the mental health issues they developed after being abused. Being prevented from reaching their potential, sexual abuse victims may sustain financial losses related to their reduced earning capabilities. Other economic damages commonly incurred as a result of being abused include psychiatric counselling, psychological counselling, prescriptions, and more. 

In this province, there is no statute of limitations on sexual abuse claims. That means that victims of sexual abuse in Glace Bay have the right to pursue justice and restitution, even if their abuse took place many years in the past. If you are a local abuse survivor, our sexual abuse lawyers serving Glace Bay may be able to provide you with important legal assistance and advice. Depending on the circumstances of your case, our Glace Bay sexual abuse lawyers may be able to help you recover financial compensation owed to you by your abuser and the organization that employed them or introduced you to them. 

Organizations have a responsibility to take swift actions upon learning one of their employees or volunteers has sexually abused someone in their care. They have a duty to inform the authorities and remove the criminal from their staff. Failing to do so may, in fact, create the ideal circumstances for a sexual abuser to continue carrying out their heinous crimes against vulnerable people in their charge. By turning a blind eye to abuse within their organization, these negligent employers may be found guilty of systemic or institutional sexual abuse. If so, they may be responsible for financially compensating the victims they failed to protect through their inaction. 

At Preszler Injury Lawyers, our sexual abuse lawyers serving Glace Bay know just how difficult it can be to discuss abuse. Our Glace Bay sexual abuse lawyers offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients, during which you can review the details of your case, ask important questions, and receive legal advice specific to your case, all for no fee. To speak with our sexual abuse lawyers serving Glace Bay, schedule your free initial consultation with Preszler Injury Lawyers. 

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Our Glace Bay sexual abuse lawyers are committed to bringing abusers in the region to justice, and helping the clients we represent recover the compensation they deserve. 

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