The people who work at nursing homes are responsible for providing the elderly people in their care with a safe quality of life. When the nurses, orderlies, administrators, custodians, security personnel, or other members of the nursing home’s staff fail to perform the duties of their job in accordance with the requisite safety standards, accidents can happen. And when elderly nursing home residents are involved in accidents within the facility, the consequences can be disastrous.

Nursing home staff members owe a duty of care to the senior citizens who call their facility home. Unfortunately, through a number of different actions, inactions, errors, or other forms of negligence, the staff at nursing homes could fail to uphold the duty of care they are required to provide to the facility’s residents, thereby creating potentially hazardous circumstances in which injury-causing accidents could occur.

Common examples of nursing home negligence that could cause an elderly resident to sustain injuries in an accident include: 

  • Lack of supervision
  • Failure to provide mobility assistance
  • Hazardous maintenance issues
  • Uncleared ice or snow in outdoor areas
  • Unlocked doors to restricted areas
  • Improperly prescribed medications
  • And more 

When the negligence of nursing home staff members leads to an injurious accident involving one of their elderly residents, the injured party could feel the repercussions for the remainder of their lives. Injuries sustained by the elderly may never fully heal. Instead, even after receiving medical treatment and undergoing surgical procedures, injured accident survivors could experience physical pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, to properly cope with the injuries they have sustained in an accident resulting from the nursing home staff members’ negligence, an elderly accident victim might incur significant financial losses. Since many residents of nursing homes have limited or fixed incomes, the family members upon whom seniors rely for financial support may be required to pay exorbitant costs out-of-pocket to respond to their elderly loved one’s injuries. 

If you were hurt in an accident at your nursing home, or if the negligence of a long-term care facility’s staff caused your loved one to sustain injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our nursing home negligence lawyers serving Sackville have a reputation for providing crucial legal assistance to seniors who have sustained injuries inside their nursing home.

By working with our Sackville nursing home negligence lawyers, you may be able to pursue a civil claim against the negligent parties in order to recover damages you have incurred or will incur in the future because of the injuries sustained in a nursing home accident. To learn whether you might be entitled to compensation, contact Preszler Injury Lawyers today and schedule your free initial consultation with our nursing home negligence lawyers serving Sackville.

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When people make the difficult decision to relocate themselves or an elderly relative to a nursing home, they do so because they believe they can trust the staff members responsible for keeping them safe from harm. When the staff’s negligence causes a nursing home resident to sustain compensable injuries, our Sackville nursing home negligence lawyers believe the responsible parties should be held accountable.

To discuss the circumstances of your accident and learn about possible courses of action that may be available to you, schedule your free initial consultation with our nursing home negligence lawyers serving Sackville by contacting Preszler Injury Lawyers today.


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