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Vehicle Checklist for Winter Road Conditions

Winter driving in Nova Scotia might mean facing freezing rain, extreme snowfall warnings, or other dangerous road conditions. While you can’t change the weather, you can take precautions to prepare your vehicle for winter road conditions. Click here to learn more.

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Purchasing the Right Car Seat for Your Child

Parents anticipating the arrival of their first child often feel underprepared and overwhelmed by all of the advice to follow. There are countless preparations to make to ensure the safety and comfort of newborns. One of the most important purchases new parents will make is a safe car seat for each stage of their growing child’s development. Car seats can help prevent avoidable tragedies in the event of a motor vehicle collision. However, with a myriad of options and safety requirements, purchasing the right car seat may seem like a challenge. To learn more about purchasing a safe car seat, click here.

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Seat Belt Safety in Nova Scotia

We all know we should do it. We have been warned about the dangers of not doing it since we were small children. We know that, in the event of a car accident, wearing a seat belt can save our lives. And yet, in Nova Scotia, one of the leading causes of fatalities on the road is a failure to properly wear a seat belt. To learn more, click here.

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How to Talk to Your Teenager About Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs

If you have a novice driver in your family, clear communication about the tragic real-world repercussions of impaired driving could save lives. In Canada, alcohol and or/drugs play a role in 55% of fatal motor vehicle collisions involving drivers between the ages of 16-25. Regardless of how responsible you believe your child to be, it is important to communicate your concerns honestly and openly. For tips and talking points to discuss during this serious conversation with your child, click here.

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Tips for Controlling Road Rage

Driving can be stressful. Annoyances on the road like traffic, construction, or discourteous road-users can test anyone’s patience. However, in moments of heightened stress, a driver’s frustration may downshift quickly into anger. Road rage is a pervasive problem in Nova Scotia, one which could have fatal consequences. To learn about the effects of road rage and methods for overcoming it, click here.

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What To Do After a Hit and Run Accident

When an unknown driver flees the scene of a collision, it can be difficult for an injured car accident victim to know what to do next, and where to turn for financial compensation. To learn about important steps to take after a hit and run accident, and how a Nova Scotia car accident lawyer may be able to help with your case, click here.

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Drunk Driving Statistics in Nova Scotia

Impaired driving is one of the leading causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the province. Despite efforts to educate Nova Scotians about the dangers of drinking and driving, people continue getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Doing so is extremely dangerous, and puts the lives of other road users at risk. Click here to read more.

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Parking Lot Accidents in Nova Scotia

If you have been involved in a car accident in a parking lot, you may be tempted to “settle” with the other driver on the spot. You may also have heard that, regardless of which driver was really at fault, because of your accident’s location, you and the other driver will both be considered responsible for damages. But motor vehicle collisions in parking lots are not always so cut and dry. To learn how you may qualify for financial compensation for damages you sustained in a parking lot accident, click here.

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Operating a motor vehicle requires attentiveness, alertness, and vigilance. But passenger vehicles are full of potential distractions. Between phone notifications, in-car GPS systems, conversations with passengers, and songs on the radio, a myriad of distractions could steal a driver’s attention from the road for even the briefest of moments. And in those fleeting, distracted moments, tragedies can occur. Click here to read more.

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When Car Accidents Cause Whiplash

When a car accident causes a driver or passenger to suffer symptoms of whiplash, seemingly minor medical problems can quickly escalate into much more severe issues. Even if car accidents or the injuries they cause don’t appear to be all that significant at first, they can lead to long-lasting damage, and financial losses. Click here to read more.

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